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0.20 release
Posted by perlmonkey on Thursday April 24, @01:07AM
from the it's-about-time dept.
For most users there will be no real changes here. There have been some minor bug fixes. But there have been a lot of changes. I have spent the last 5 months rewritting a lot of the backend. The big changes are for using Spidy with a database or ModPerl. It now works reasonably well with ModPerl (either with xml or a database as input). Developers can now do some wacky things by subclassing the Spidy::Registry module and hacking up the templates to make their gallery do what every the heart desires.

Check out the change log

If anyone sees an error or has a problem, please let me know. Thanks!

0.12 Release
Posted by perlmonkey on Sunday November 03, @12:41PM
from the dept.
The big change that you might like is that Spidy works on MS Windows! DJ Montoya got it working and I have patched up Spidy. I have built a ppm package for it, so it is super easy to install via ActivePerl. Check out the installation instructions to find out where to get the various binaries and more detailed instructions on how to use ppm.

Most of the changes are backend changes. I have add routines and moved some code around to make it easier to embed Spidy in other applications, like gui editors. Also I have added code so you can export a Spidy data structure back out to xml, again for gui editors.

0.11 Release
Posted by perlmonkey on Monday October 07, @12:35AM
from the dept.
There were a few minor bugs fixed with this release and a few new minor features added. As always, if there are any problems or any any requests, just email me.

Here is the Change Log:

0.11 Sun Oct  6 2002
        - added --watermark option (along with accompanying --gravity
          option) to add watermark text to an image.  Added watermark
          boolean flag to sizes, to see if any watermark should be
          applied.  Also the output image must be a png or gif image.
          Most of this was contributed by Santeri Paavolainen
        - The Graphics system calls now use system(@cmd) instead of
          system($cmd) to prevent shell expansion.  Also from Santeri.
        - fixed minor bug with autogroups and outputImagePathType of
        - added --outputImageType to force all images to be gif,jpg,png etc.
          The default if nothing.  So the output images will be the 
          same type as the input images.
        - fixed minor issue with quoted strings in the config files
        - now allows for comments in the config file (with leading '#'
        - update the test scripts to test the watermark, gravity
          and outputImageType options.
        - added spider.cgi to the dist.  You can use spider in cgi mode
          where it will not create any html images.  You will still 
          have to create the images before the cgi mode will work properly.
          This allows for dynamic web content.  You can modify the template
          files to include what every you want.  It is also very easy to
          overload the newly added Spidy::CGI::Group/Image classes to design
          a program for many odd purposes.
        - fixed an bug with the reported "Image" counts on the group pages.
        - modified the tests to check for correct image counts.


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