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All About Us
Do you have collections of images that you'd like to display on the web?
Do you know enough about perl that you've used CPAN modules before?
If so, Spider Eyeballs is an image gallery program with lots of yummy features for you.
  • You can run in either cgi mode* or create flat html files
  • Database support* for postgress, MySql and Sybase.
  • Creates multiple image sizes
  • The XML based language is quite flexible
  • Template based
  • It makes image galleries that are attractive and easy to navigate.

* CGI mode and Database support is under development. The static html output is the most stable at this point, so use cgi or database features at your own risk.

To read the installation instructions, go here.

To read the documentation, go here.

To see a sample image gallery, go to...

To see a sample XML file (the one for the open source images), go to...
Or if that link doesn't work for you, use...

To see a sample "spider" command, click here.

If you run into any bugs or have enhancements to suggest, go here.

If you use spidereyeballs, you can add your gallery to the spidereyeballs galleries list. To do that go here.

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